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The Story


Graham Clark, veteran race car driver, jazz musician, globetrotting adventurer and raconteur was determined to create a world class apparel collection for motorsports enthusiast around the world.

He wanted his clothing line to be top quality and unlike any other. In order to achieve this goal, he would need something very special.

The Art of Motorsports

Sometimes when you least expect it, the key to a problem presents itself. That's what happened when Graham met British motorsports artist, Simon Ward. 

Simon grew up with motorsports, having attended his first Grand Prix at Brands Hatch when he was four years old. A gifted artist, he blended his talent with his passion for motorsports. Now, his paintings can be found in collections around the world, many belonging to champion drivers, racing teams and corporate sponsors.







Upon meeting each other, it was obvious that Simon Ward was the link that Graham Clark was searching for to achieve his goal of creating a motorsports-inspired apparel line like no other.

CIRCUIT by InRoads was Born